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"Our sales team meticulously monitors skills gaps and they need focused elearning modules - FAST"

"We follow our security risks and would like to offer short eLearning lessons to our employees when they need it"


taking care of your elearning

"We update our Code of Conduct instructions every year and would like to offer attractive and effective eLearning for employees to get refreshed with good policy"

"We would like to strengthen our team culture and would need a steady stream of microlearning lessons made available for all our employees"

eLearning is safe and efficient

Get every Employee and Team engaged. Drive your Culture and Values. Make the difference. 

Set your Focus and Measure. Get Results.  

Plan your Impact. Design change in Attitude, Knowledge and Skills. Activate with Good Questions!

With Your Expertise and our Templates it is easy. 

"Create elearning that is enjoyable in any device"






Complete support for Your training cycle

Ever noticed that there is an issue in the recently published course, but your budget is already gone?


Do not worry, in our lifecycle model we provide a template for easy changes. Free of charge if you subscribe to our yearly service. See our price sheet below!  

Modern Laptop

2 400€ per year

Two Languages

Five to Ten Minutes

Five Slide Templates

Linear Navigation

Multichoice Quiz


4 500€ per year

Two Languages

Ten to Twenty Minutes

Ten Slide Templates

Non-Linear Navigation

Multichoice Quiz

Working Together

To be agreed

Any Languages

Any Length

No Slide Templates

Linear or Non-Linear

Any Quiz

Our service model allows us to be more adaptive by applying design thinking. 
Our unique methods ensure Your elearning is always enjoyable and efficient!

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I have a challenge. How do I approach it?


I see an opportunity. What do I create?


I tried something new. How do I evolve?


I learned something. How do I interpret it?


I have an idea. How to build it?


Did we make the targeted impact? How could we improve?

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