• 2000-2010

    Training Consultancy

    Our core team has more than 30 years of experience in eLearning both nationally and internationally. According to our experience writing a good test is the most important - and yet the most difficult - part of almost every training assignment.

  • November 2010

    ADLOC Founded

    ADLOC was founded in Finland. We offered our consultancy services with the complementary course analysis part. The purpose of this work was to investigate whether the training project really delivered the planned value - i.e. if our work has impact or not. This was very valuable for us and to our customers as it allowed us to continuously tune our methods and content rather than always starting from the blank sheet.

  • 2014

    adLearning Tool

    We noticed that our customers shared our love of questions but their processes did not! Therefore, we offered our tools to our customers. These tools we named as adLearning.

  • 2015

    Cloud -based adLearning Services

    adLearning open for customer use. Publishing and editing in internet is easy. Publishing and editing in LMS is not. Therefore, we have created easy framework for our customers to plan, create and analyse tests.

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